VINEYARD: Model Farm Estate

LOCATION: East Petaluma, CA
AVA: Petaluma Gap


Inspired by the industrious small vignerons of the Northern Rhone and captivated by their wines, we began our journey in search of cool climate Syrah. We were immediately drawn to the Petaluma Gap. The cold foggy mornings, a few fleeting hours of late day sun, and namesake consistent wind (reminiscent of the Mistral) are ideal.  Now, after countless hours spent in the vineyard, we have come to know and love this daily rhythm and have an even greater appreciation for how unique this area really is. Farmed exclusively by us, organically.





LOCATION: Southeastern Petaluma, CA
AVA: Petaluma Gap


La Cruz Vineyard was planted by the Keller Family beginning in 1989 and is located at the southeastern end of the Petaluma Gap appellation. With only two acres of the vineyard planted to Syrah, we are fortunate to be the only producer to purchase the fruit. La Cruz is one of the farthest vineyards from the namesake ‘Gap’ where the wind and fog funnel in from the ocean every afternoon. This slight change in climate from the rest of the appellation affords the vines extend sunshine and a bit of extra warmth, leading to deeper, richer fruit while still maintaining the trademark freshness that defines Syrah from the Petaluma Gap. We find the wines from this site to be distinct counterpoint to our ‘Estate’ Petaluma Gap Syrah.

VINEYARD: Wood Valley Vineyard

VARIETAL: Chardonnay

LOCATION: East Sonoma, CA
AVA: Sonoma Valley


Wood Valley Vineyard is a set of steep terraces, dug into pure volcanic rock. Located just east of downtown Sonoma in the foothills of the Mayacamas

Mountains, the vineyard was planted in the 80’s to a heritage California selection of Chardonnay, the Old Wente clone. Like many of the best vineyards in Burgundy, the east-facing aspect shelters the vines from the warmer afternoon sun, allowing the grapes to retain freshness and aromatic dimension. The unique volcanic terroir gives the wine a natural mineral precision. 




VARIETAL:  Chardonnay
LOCATION: Boulder Creek, CA
AVA: Santa Cruz Mountains


Our Chardonnay comes from a historic site located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The P&M Staiger vineyard was planted in 1973, own-rooted, to a selection of the old Wente clone.  To say it is rare to find an own-rooted Chardonnay vineyard in California is an understatement!  The vineyard sits on a steep south-west slope at over 1,000 feet elevation high above the San Lorenzo valley.  This elevation allows for ample sunlight while the cold pacific air moderates the temperature.  As with our favorite sites, the vineyard gets plenty of fog at the start and end of each day.  The soils are a thin mix of sandstone and shale promoting full flavor ripeness at low sugars and high acidity.